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Luring The Fishermen!


Chris Denney

This week we’ve begun moving into the fishing market more than we have before, our intentions are to bring new products in for you, the customer that we feel provides the best value for money.

Amongst these new items we have products for the avid fisher, be that kayak fishing, lure fishing, pike fishing, river fishing etc, we hope we have something for everyone as always.

The RAILBLAZA CameraBoom 600 is the perfect way to hold your camera and capture the action. 
Whether you are hauling in a record breaking marlin or about to take line honours you can capture the moment from the perfect angle using a RAILBLAZA CameraBoom 600.

At over 700mm long, and fully adjustable with 4 moving joints, this mount is so flexible it has been asked “how did they ever shoot that angle?"

The hPa Infladry 16: A submersible waterproof bag ideal for laptops, photo or video equipment, electronics, civil or military. It is a product designed for professionals who need a bag perfectly watertight, airtight, dust-proof and moisture-proof.

This bag weighs less than one kilogram and can replace a Pelican waterproof case, Explorer Case or in most situations, offering absolute protection. A perfect product for the humid tropics and offshore activities (photographers, maritime affairs and customs, racing, etc.).

The Infladry 16 is guaranteed to be waterproof up to 5 meters (provided the vacuum is correctly sealed). When inflated, it provides excellent impact protection of its contents, with excellent buoyancy (for a weight less than 15 kg). Each bag is individually pressure set for 24:00 before being sold to ensure its tightness. 
The Infladry 16 comes with a simple to use neoprene inner compartment, providing a top level of protection to the equipment carried.

The Fillet Table II is an injection moulded quality fish-filleting table at a convenient size of 525x350mm (20.8×13.8in). hPa’s improved design includes; Knife storage at the back – for safety. An outer edged drain that stops spill from the front, with no front lip to get in the way while filleting. An Easy-fit overboard drain, simply knock out the plug, and add a ¾in hose (not supplied). Two mounting points required (choose from RailMount, StarPort or RIBport – all sold separately).

hPa Jig King – The answer to your butterfly style jigs, irons and other Lure storage needs, holding 125 Jigs up to 14” long. The Jig King has a perfect sized internal mesh storage compartment for your pliers, hooks and other accessories.
HPA Items are the best constructed bags on the market! Used by more commercial fishermen worldwide than any others

hPa Lure Protection Tube – Made from recycled plastic, specially designed for storing hard or soft lures! The tube is opened with one hand by rotating one of the ends. One of the faces is provided with a velcro moulded, thereby to fix the tube to a bag or in the vessel (equipped with a self-adhesive Velcro).

hPa Rod Bag Deluxe – A super tough bag designed for transporting and storing Fishing Rods. The Deluxe Bag is equipped with many adjustable quick-fasteners for attaching the rod, and outer clips to attach to Rib tubes if using for Sea Fishing via RIB

  • Length 160 cm
  • Dimensions: 160×40 cm
  • Material: 1000 Denier nylon fabric 
  • PVC coated double sided, PE lining.
That’s all for this week! If you want to hear more from us regarding diving-related news, more new products and general water-sports related content, be sure to follow us on twitter @DivingDirect!