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Quick Tips - Mask De-Fogging


Chris Denney

Even the most advanced & expensive of masks can fog up which is annoying and can potentially ruin the enjoyment of your snorkelling or dive trip.

This can happen due to an invisible layer on the glass which usually occurs at the time of manufacture.

We find this happens mostly with frameless designs that have the glass bonded to the silicone at the time of manufacture but it can happen to virtually any mask.

This layer ideally needs removing as it can cause fogging problems with temperature changes and with the right tools and technique it can be removed for fog free use

We found the best method for us was using kids toothpaste- which is non gel and non abrasive. It also drys down to a chalky texture which seems to do the trick !

Simply apply a small amount to the inside of the lens covering every part of the glass, this can be done with a clean cloth, soft toothbrush or a clean finger tip.

Once the glass is covered simply leave it overnight if possible and as the toothpaste dries the layer of impurities on the glass will adhere to the paste. Once dry simply rinse away with fresh water and just like magic its gone !

Another culprit causing fog problems can be sunscreen as the greasy nature of the product can be easily transferred to the lens of the mask. Again a pre-treatment should sort this.

We have tried a few different types of paste during our testing but so far children’s toothpaste has worked the best- Thanks Justin from Atomic UK for this tip 🙂

This method is a pre-clean routine and should prepare your mask for use.

The key is giving the paste enough time to dry which is where the magic happens. Once dry simply rinse away with fresh water until att the paste is gone

After this pre-cleaning method has been completed a standard anti-fog product such as Tusa Super Anti-Fog or Absolutely Clear Anti Fog can be used post-dive / snorkel to keep your mask performing fog free.