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Top quality Freedom silicone mask & renowned Hyperdry Elite snorkel now available as a set complete with plus corrective lenses fitted before dispatch


The M-212 Ceos is a low-profile low volume two window mask that features the newly developed and revolutionary Freedom Technology delivering superior fit, comfort and performance.  

The Ceos is one of the first next generation TUSA masks offering this innovative new technology combined with superior design, build quality, materials and frame construction. 

Low profile, low-volume 2-window teardrop design

Equipped with Freedom Technology

Skirt mounted Quick-Adjust Buckle System

Round-edge skirt for maximum fit and comfort

3-D strap for ideal anatomical fit

Accepts MC-7500 Corrective Lenses and ML-7500S AR/UV lenses


Freedom Technology is a set of technologies to enhance fit and performance exclusive to TUSA.
Freedom model masks feature a dimpled skirt surface with varied silicone thicknesses and stability ridges in addition to a proprietary low-friction skirt surface on the fitting line 

TUSA’s patented 3D Strap is a true three-dimensional design that snugly fits against the head’s natural curvature. 
The 3D strap offers unprecedented comfort and fit, unlike standard flat mask strap 

The Quick-Adjust Buckle System incorporates a newly-designed low-profile buckle. 
The result is a compact, lightweight, technologically advanced mask design that can be easily and quickly adjusted for a perfect fit.  

TUSA's Round Edge Skirt features a proprietary round edge cross-sectionally shaped skirt. 
This rounded edge results in a soft fit that suppresses pressure and reduces creasing left on the face. 
The "planar fit, instead of linear fit" silicone skirt maintains great fit and unprecedented comfort.  
Tusa Hyperdry Elite II Snorkel

Model Number: SP0101

The SP0101 Hyperdry Elite II snorkel combines all of the best features of TUSA’s snorkels into one. 
With a low-profile dry top and angled purge chamber, staying dry has never been easier. 

Low profile dry top keeps water out

Ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece for comfort and reduced jaw fatigue

Angled purge chamber for efficient and easy clearing


TUSA is one of the world's first scuba equipment manufacturers, founded by Kazuo Tabata in Tokyo, Japan in 1952.

We are are one of the UK's Premier Tusa Stockists from way back in the 1960's

If it's got Tusa on it we probably have it !

TUSA is one of the world's first scuba equipment manufacturers, founded by Kazuo Tabata in Tokyo

From the first handmade mask and goggles built in Mr. Tabata's garage, Tabata products have always been constructed from the finest materials with an unparalleled commitment to quality and innovation.

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