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Introducing TUSA’s newest mask with Freedom Technology: Freedom Elite, M1003.

Freedom Elite has a single lens that offers a clear, wide view to the underwater world.

This mask securely fits a wide variety of faces, making it one of the most versatile masks TUSA has to offer.


Freedom Technology

Each person has a unique facial structure and every diver can potentially experience some level of discomfort or "pressure" while wearing a typical mask underwater.

TUSA engineers wanted to solve these problems and spent several years analyzing mask fit, facial bone structure and mouth movement.

The result is Freedom Technology, a set of revolutionary new mask features delivering superior fit, comfort and increased performance.

Experience Freedom.


Freedom Fit

Freedom Fit offers a superior fit and level of comfort by utilizing three specific design features.

Dimpled Skirt: Key areas around the forehead and cheek bones have been designed with dimples which combine to increase the skirt’s softness, flexibility and skin surface contact.

This also greatly reduces leakage and enhances comfort.

Varied Silicone Thickness: A regulator or snorkel mouthpiece, when in use, can cause areas of the mouth and nose section to distort causing leakage and discomfort.

Varied thicknesses of silicone in these key areas reduce leakage and provide a better fit.

Stability Ridges: As water pressure increases, a mask will compress inwards toward the face often causing further leakage or discomfort.

Areas under the cheek bones have been reinforced with stability ridges to minimize this compression maintaining ideal skin surface contact.


Freedom Dry

Freedom Dry enhances comfort and fit by utilizing a revolutionary low friction skirt surface.

The skirt fitting line includes a low friction surface that delivers a superior seal and increases the facial area contact patch while significantly reducing excess skin tension.

The result is a soft and supple feeling mask with a dramatically improved seal.



  • Wide field of view single lens.
  • Equipped with Freedom Technology.
  • 180° Rotational Buckle System.
  • Medium-large frame with minimal internal volume.
  • Five-position strap angle adjustor for micro-adjustment.
  • Round edge skirt.
  • 3-D mask strap.

  • Colours: Black (BK), Bougainvillea Pink (BP), Cobalt Blue (CBL), Energy Green (EG), Energy Orange (EO), Fishtail Blue (FB), Flash Yellow (FY), Light Blue (LB), Moon Gold (MG), Ocean Green (OG).

  • Black Silicone: Black (QB-BK), Energy Green (QB-EG), Fishtail Blue (QB-FB), Hot Pink (QB-HP), Ocean Green (QB-OG), Rose Pink (QB-RP).


TUSA is one of the world's first scuba equipment manufacturers, founded by Kazuo Tabata in Tokyo, Japan in 1952.

We are are one of the UK's Premier Tusa Stockists from way back in the 1960's

If it's got Tusa on it we probably have it !

TUSA is one of the world's first scuba equipment manufacturers, founded by Kazuo Tabata in Tokyo

From the first handmade mask and goggles built in Mr. Tabata's garage, Tabata products have always been constructed from the finest materials with an unparalleled commitment to quality and innovation.

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