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Ear plug made in synthetic resin can be shaped to suit ear profile and can be re-used many times.


AQUARAPID: a modern, cutting-edge brand which looks to its own future while treasuring the values of its past.

In the early 1960s a family of Italian entrepreneurs thought of, designed and, finally, made what would be remembered as the accessories that would mean the greatest boom of the age: “floral bathing caps”.

Inspired by the beauty of the sea and its many forms of life, the floral bathing caps were a perfect blend of Italian creativity, innovation and workmanship; they would soon fill the beaches and holidays of Italian inhabitants; later, they would be taken overseas as well, thereby helping to make those years synonymous with excitement, modernity and development even more unique.

That amazing experience translated into the brand AQUARAPID: a cutting-edge Italian-based company relying on entrepreneurship to create and develop products and collections designed to satisfy the needs of those approaching the water world as a moment of relaxation, wellness, training or top-level racing. Ongoing research and development and unique concepts materializing as women's, men's and juniors collections have allowed the brand AQUARAPID to grow into a unique benchmark for swimmers and, more generally speaking, for those approaching the water world.

  • Care for materials, attention for details and a perfect fit are the hallmarks of the AQUARAPID swimsuits, technology, design and aesthetic appeal being key to the success of the brand.
  • The fabrics - all Italian-made - we use for our swimsuit collections are the foundation for such hallmarks as quality and traceability, which now mean top priorities to buyers.
  • Hi-tech, refined accessories in line with international trends further enhance the image of our collections: the focus is on the Italian Swim Concept,  the starting point for each thought and dream of ours.


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