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Sola Video Pro 3800

Precision engineered to deliver professional results in an ultra-compact, travel-friendly platform. 

The Sola Video Pro 3800 features a chip-on-board LED array to create high-quality illumination with the widest beam angle possible for stunning imagery.  
The essential dome port optic provides a class-leading 110° diffused beam void of hotspots and gentle light fall-off.  
Built with the image maker in mind, an exclusive side-indicator dashboard is easy to monitor power level wherever the light is mounted on a camera housing.


• 3800 lumen flood output certified to the FL-1 Standard
• Regulated output ensures light does not dim in use; custom firmware keeps lumens consistent
• 110º flood beam (measured underwater) designed for wide-angle video
• Custom optics produce a clean beam void of distracting hot spots
• Innovative dome port diffuses beam and provides gentle light fall-off at edges for enhanced video
• Colored Status LED dashboard is found on side of light to be easily seen when using housing arms
• Factory sealed body ensures flood-free performance and long-term reliability
• Full recharge in 1 hr 45 min with exclusive FC (Fast Charge) technology
• Travel-friendly design with minimal weight or bulk approved for carry-on and check-in luggage
• Includes Ball mount, optional Loc-Line, and YS available


Started by two enthusiastic Stanford graduates in 1989, Light & Motion developed its first high-powered portable underwater lighting system, in Monterey, California. Fast forward twenty years to find us still situated in a historic warehouse on Cannery Row. In order to continue our leadership in high-power LED lighting and underwater video systems, year-after-year, Light & Motion aggressively invests resources into developing products that consistently rank at the top of the innovative technology spectrum. 

We are proud to say that we haven't shipped our jobs offshore either. Our engineers, production teams, sales, accounting, shipping and receiving teams all reside in the same building, so you can rest assured that all your Light & Motion products are 100% built in the U.S.A. 

Light & Motion has been recognized for its leadership in reducing waste and emissions by recycling and utilizing alternative transportation. Light & Motion encourages consumers to return discharged batteries for safe recycling. The company is recognized by the US Congress, California State Assembly and AMBAG for outstanding and invaluable service to the community, and has received the WRAP and Green business awards for their conservation efforts, as well as receiving the 2008 California Small Business of the Year. 

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