Sub 14 PT Commercial Diving Knife

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Maniago Sub 14 PT Commercial Diving Knife

Blade: Stainless Steel - W 1.4028, Serrated, Blunt
3.8 mm - 0.149"
130 g - 4.58 oz
Knife Length:
26.5 cm - 10.43"
Blade Length:
14 cm - 5.51"
Handle Material:
PP - Polypropylene, Ergonomic Texture
Sheath Material:
PP - Polypropylene, with Water Drain Holes
Spiral Lanyard and Carabinier, Rubber Straps for Arm or Leg Carry with Plastic Buckle (Pair)


• Very sharp and strong blade with perfect cutting performance.
• Razor-sharp serrated edge with alternating large and small teeth effortlessly slices through single, double and three-strand twisted manila or polypropylene lines.
• Smooth/straight edge on the side of the blade tip.
• Blunt blade tip to be used for light leverage operations or slotted screws tightening/unscrewing.
• Lightweight but solid construction and corrosion-resistant.
• Ergonomic handle for comfortable cutting and features ambidextrous texturing to improve grip when wet.
• Hooking ring hole for carabineer with spiral.


• Symmetrical sheath with one hand knife extraction by pushing on one of the locking wings with the thumb.
• Easy knife insertion through wider opening on one side of the sheath that allows positioning/insertion of the knife tip.
• Spiral joining the knife handle hole and the hole of the sheath avoiding the sheath floating when the knife is outside/used with an effect like an "extension of the spiral".
• Water drain holes to allow water to quickly drain after use.
• The knife can be easily released from the carabineers and used freely without the spiral.


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